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Meet Renee Quiring

Renee, Family Chiropractic and Wellness Pelvic Health PhysiotherapistBHScPT, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Renee is the clinic owner of All Things Pelvic, and her business is located inside of Family Chiropractic and Wellness. She graduated from the Mohawk/McMaster Physiotherapy program in 1988. First, Renee worked as a sole charge physiotherapist at Chapleau General Hospital in Northern Ontario. In 1993, she began working at the Canadian Back Institute in Kitchener/Cambridge. While there, she earned McKenzie A-C orthopaedic certificates.

During this time, Renee had four children in six years. She decided to let her Physiotherapy license expire to stay home for ten years. Staying active with family life, she coached cross-country, swimming, track and field and taught at the high school level. Renee then decided to return to Physiotherapy.

In 2010, she passed the Physiotherapy National Exam on her first attempt. Renee began working in Neurorehabilitation and Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Freeport Hospital in Kitchener. In 2012, she obtained her Neurodevelopmental Theory certification. In 2014, Renee transitioned to Pelvic Health.

Providing Empathy, Compassion & Hope

Renee can relate to many of the issues that her female patients experience. She suffered from Diastasis recti and prolapse as a result of her pregnancies. Renee also had chronic hip and back pain.

Many of her patients comment that she’s caring and compassionate and helps them feel comfortable when they come in for care.

I always put patients at ease and let them know that I need their consent before doing any exam. I want them to feel comfortable and give them hope that I can help them.

Renee has had patients who have seen other physiotherapists and chiropractors and have not been able to resolve their issues. Often they’ve gone through many medical tests and have seen specialists but with no answers. “When they come here we often can provide them with the missing piece of the puzzle, which is very fulfilling.”

Enjoying an Active Family Life

When she’s not at the practice, Renee enjoys spending time with her husband Ron, a retired police officer. Their four children are now in their twenties. Renee enjoys running and staying active.

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