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Core Confidence LogoThe true core is more than just the abs and low back. The true inner core is made up of the pelvic floor, the diaphragm, the transversus abdominus (abs) and the multifidus (spinal muscles). These core four are designed to work together. Pregnancy and birth are miraculous but sometimes we forget that it is a very physical event and can take its toll on the body. Posture, hormone, number of babies, size of babies, number of pregnancies, obesity, abdominal surgery – all of these can affect our core and cause it to dysfunction.

Dr. Cathy is a Certified Core Confidence Specialist and can help you minimize core dysfunction – which may present as bladder leakage, prolapse and diastasis recti. While these conditions may be common, Dr. Cathy wants to educate women that the conditions are not normal and they can be resolved.

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