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Pregnancy Chiropractic Waterloo

Little girl hugging moms pregnant bellyChiropractic care during your pregnancy can be invaluable in relieving aches and pains and ensuring that your body is in balance for the best possible delivery. During this special time of your life, the ligaments in the body become more lax, which makes it of paramount importance that your spine and pelvis are properly aligned.

Staying Healthy and Comfortable

At Family Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Cathy has trained extensively in prenatal chiropractic. She begins by taking a thorough history and performing a comprehensive examination. We offer advanced scanning technology that allows us to analyze your nervous system in a noninvasive manner. With this evaluation, we’ll know that chiropractic is right for you and proceed with adjustments that are extremely gentle and tailored to your needs.

We’re pleased to have relationships with many area midwives and doulas, who often refer their clients to us. The common issues we can help moms with include

  • Back pain
  • Pubic bone pain
  • Sciatica
  • Pain between the shoulder blades
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches

Setting You Up for a Successful Delivery

When it’s time to give birth, you can feel confident that with your pelvis aligned and mobile, your baby can come into this world as easily as possible. With you in better health, your baby will have less constraint in the womb.

Dr. Cathy's three childrenAs a mom of three, Dr. Cathy feels fortunate to have had healthy pregnancies and deliveries. Her third child, however, turned into the breech position during week 39, and the midwives said the baby wouldn’t be able to turn into the correct position for delivery.

Dr. Cathy, educated in prenatal chiropractic, knew about the Webster Technique and what it had done for women. She called Dr. Larry Webster, the developer of the technique, and got his advice, passing it on to her chiropractor.

After three days of using the Webster Technique, the baby turned around, and I delivered within four and a half hours. The midwives were amazed, and I started to get many referrals from them.
Dr. Cathy

The Webster Technique

This technique involves assessing and correcting any bone and joint misalignments in the pelvic and low back area. If misalignments are present, they may cause tightening of the ligaments and muscles that support the uterus and attach to the pelvis. This tightening can cause twisting and tension on the uterus, making it difficult for the baby to settle into proper head down position. The Webster technique does not involve any type of moving of the baby itself. The technique is gentle and comfortable for mother and baby.

Dr. Cathy is also a Certified Core Confidence Specialist, and can help you minimize core dysfunction, which sometimes presents itself during pregnancy.

Contact our team today to discuss if pregnancy chiropractic Waterloo is right for you!


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