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Pediatric Chiropractic in Waterloo

Baby laying on blanketInfants and children require health care that considers their growth and development at each stage of life. Family Chiropractic and Wellness provides specific, gentle solutions to help your child stay well and relieve the symptoms of conditions such as

  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Difficulty concentrating or learning in school
  • Ear infections
  • Growing pains

Often, the touch of Dr. Cathy’s fingertips is all your infant or child needs to have their health restored. We can also use an instrument to assist in the adjustment. We’ll be happy to demonstrate the pressure on Mom or Dad before proceeding so that the entire family feels comfortable moving forward. Many babies sleep right through the adjustment!

Dr. Cathy utilizes Insight™ scanning technology to objectively measure your child’s level of nervous system health. We’ll also check reflexes and their range of motion. When kids see our triceratops adjusting table, they can’t wait to lie on it! You can also hold them in your arms during the adjustment.

When your baby starts to crawl, walk, run, jump and play sports, there are mental, physical, chemical and emotional traumas that affect their nervous system. Regular chiropractic checkups will ensure their bodies function as optimally as possible as they grow. As your child grows, we will monitor their posture, in-toeing, knock knees and more, as well as their developmental milestones.

A child’s spine grows 50% in the first year. During this time of rapid growth it is especially important that your baby’s spine is in optimal alignment to promote symmetrical growth. Also, making sure that your child develops proper spinal curves allows for optimal movement, balance and posture.

Just as you have your child’s teeth and eyes checked it is important to have their spine checked.

There are 6 crucial times in a baby’s first year when spinal examinations are especially important.

  1. After birth
  2. When the baby starts to hold up their head
  3. When the baby starts to sit up
  4. When the baby starts to crawl
  5. When the baby starts to stand
  6. When the baby starts to walk.

Is the new patient process the same for a child as it is for an adult?

As with all new patients, Dr. Cathy will take a complete history and will perform orthopedic, neurologic and chiropractic examinations suited to the patient’s age.
Is there additional paperwork for a pediatric patient?

The paperwork for a child delves into their birth history along with their health history and any trauma (falls, accidents) that may have occurred in their early years.
Do you use the same techniques on a child as you do on adults?

Children are more than just little gown ups. Physically, they are different – their bones are smaller and mostly made of cartilage, their ligaments are more flexible and their joints are more hypermobile. The examination and treatments for children are tailored to take into account these differences.

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